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It’s been a while since I was able to announce a new book – but here is, due out on November 20th 2015!

‘Cruel Tide’ is the new addition to the collection. It’s a bit different – a crime thriller this time – but has links to the previous books through some of the characters, twelve years on from when we last met them. It was such fun filling in some of the backstory, and making sure that everything made sense to new readers.

To listen to a radio interview with Paul Braithwaite of BBC Radio Cumbria on 26 November 2015, click here.

With the ISBN 978-0-9929314-0-7, title and author you can order ‘Cruel Tide’ and all the other books through any bookshop. All four of my books are carried in stock in almost every Cumbrian bookshop. Or you can buy through this site using Paypal, or from The ebook versions are all available through the Kindle Store,

Cruel Tide costs £8.99 including post and packing

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I think that covers everything. I hope you find a way to buy that suits you, and that’s it worth it in terms of reading pleasure!


To listen to a radio interview with Caroline Robertson of BBC Radio Cumbria on 27 May 2014, click here.  If you’d like to listen to a radio interview I had when A Good Liar was published, click here. You can read my blog by clicking on my blog on the menu, and access it on

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Save £5 on the price of the Jessie Whelan trilogy Between the Mountains and the Sea before the end of May 2014 when you order all three books for £22, including postage and packing.

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  • An absorbing summer read
  • A great gift to someone who loves the Lake District
  • Well-researched historical fiction
  • A good story, well-told.

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Special offer: Between the Mountains and the Sea – £22 including postage and packing



A Good Liar – Part 1 of the trilogy (ISBN 978 0 9523871 76)

‘Jessie Thompson had been lying to her mother all her life’ … and the lies continue as Jessie gives away her baby in the chaos of Barrow during the Great War, changes her name and escapes to the glorious landscape of west Cumberland where the River Esk winds into the Irish Sea. Driven by loneliness, and despite her better judgment, Jessie embarks on a love affair that threatens her security, while a ghost from her past moves ever closer.

Set in what is now the Lake District National Park, my first novel introduces a fascinating cast of characters, in the first half of the last century, when oil lamps lit the houses and horses ploughed the fields. Life was different then, but the passions and risks that shape our lives were just as real.

This is the first part of a trilogy Between the Mountains and the Sea tracing Jessie’s life through the dramatic decades from the Great War through the thirties into the Second War and on into the gloom of post-war England and the dawn of the nuclear age in Cumberland.

A Good Liar costs £8.99 including post and packing

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Forgiven – Part 2 of the trilogy (978 0 9523871 83)

The nineteen thirties were difficult times for a single woman to make her way in the world, In A Good Liar, Jessie Whelan, a village schoolteacher with a dark past, whose secrets and lies threaten her independent life faced the question: ‘Can a good woman at this time lie without sacrificing her integrity?’ Things haven’t improved much when the story of Forgiven opens in September 1946. Jessie is still struggling to survive, and the post-war changes are not helping.

Meanwhile, in the Haig coal mine near Whitehaven another group of strong women work on the screens, sorting and grading the coal. One of these screen lasses, Maggie Lowery, is a young war widow, destined to become involved in the lives of Jessie and her estranged son John. And so the trilogy, Between the mountains and the Sea moves on.

Forgiven, the second part of Between the Mountains and the Sea, my trilogy about Cumberland in the mid twentieth century, has all the ingredients of a great read, vivid characters, engaging stories, and authentic details.

Forgiven costs £8.99 including post and packing

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Fallout – Part 3 of the trilogy (ISBN 978 0 9523871 69)

It is 1957 and Jessie Whelan’s life is about to change radically. Her uncertainty about nuclear development at Windscale in Cumberland is sharpened by an encounter with a visiting physicist, and their worst fears are realised when fire engulfs the reactor in October 1957. In the aftermath, Jessie struggles to survive.

This is the third part of the trilogy ‘Between the Mountains and the Sea’: if you haven’t read the first two ‘A Good Liar’ and ‘Forgiven’, now’s the time to do so. Then you’ll truly savour the tension of this final twist in Jessie’s passionate life.

Fallout costs £8.99 including post and packing.